Fassavolu Construction Program

Fassavolu, Liberia
Initiated in 2008, completed in 2013

Since 2008, Rebuild Africa has provided house-construction training to workers in the remote village of Fassavolu (Lofa County). This training has included brick-making, masonry, and carpentry. Trainees have completed 5 houses, which four families, who contributed to the construction process, inhabit. The project was completed in December 2013, and the new residents joyfully moved in.  

In addition, a number of our trainees have since moved on and contracted out their services (independently of Rebuild Africa) to other residents of Fassavolu to build numerous houses using the skills that they acquired while under the tutelage of Rebuild Africa staff.

Rebuild Africa intends to expand the vocational training program in the next 1-2 years by establishing a training center near Fassavolu, which will provide expanded classes and apprenticeships in construction, sustainable agriculture, and other trades.

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