Rebuild Africa

Rebuild Africa is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by William "Bill" Massaquoi in 2007. After completing his Masters degree in International Development at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Bill asked several friends to join him in starting Rebuild Africa with the aim of partnering with the people of Liberia to rebuild their war-ravaged lives and communities through education, vocational training, mentoring and the provision of opportunities and resources to create jobs and services that would benefit the poor.

Since its founding, Rebuild Africa has given over 100 scholarships to students in grades K through 12 and at universities in Liberia. In addition, dozens of young Liberians have been trained in construction trades such as brick-making, masonry and carpentry in Lofa County (Northwest Liberia), a primary and secondary school in the outskirts of Monrovia has been renovated and expanded, and a university student leadership conference was sponsored in 2009. Additionally, Rebuild Africa has maintained a partnership with the U.S., and various teams have visited over the past five years. Rebuild Africa is also officially registered in Liberia as a non-governmental organization with an office in downtown Monrovia.


Emboldened by faith and compassion, Rebuild Africa envisions a day when Liberians--their lives, social institutions, economy and communities--are vigorous, dynamic and thriving, having overcome the devastation of their recent civil war.


Rebuild Africa aims to contribute to the realization of this vision by empowering and equipping a new generation of Liberians to lead societal institutions, create jobs and businesses, and provide necessary goods and services.


Rebuild Africa will empower and equip Liberians to attain this mission by providing educational opportunities, vocational training and leadership mentoring.

Identifying the compelling need:

The youth of Liberia are neither getting the quality education and training nor accessing opportunities for sustainable employment. For many, this situation is creating a seedbed of potential instigators of national conflict.

What is Rebuild Africa’s big idea?

We aim to stand in the gap by helping Liberian youth prepare for the world of work by providing them with the kind of educational, training, and mentoring opportunities, as well as resources, that will lead to job creation and entrepreneurship.

How it works:

  1. Rebuild Africa will run a feeder scholarship program at the Action Faith Institute, vocational training centers and other Liberian institutions of higher learning to attract and prepare students with leadership potential
  2. Students will go through a rigorous program of education, training, mentoring, and practical hands-on experience
  3. The cost of education will be paid forward by direct payment of student loans, government and donor subsidies, and the student's own volunteer efforts in creating social services that benefit the under-served of Liberia
  4. Our graduates will then be attractive to, and hired by, other employers due to the quality of their preparation and their output

How it will go to scale:

Through a hybrid model that utilizes government subsidies, philanthropic contributions, money-making enterprises and supply chains which will provide critical goods and community services, thus creating incentives that will encourage participants and stake holders to make it work.