Both U.S.-based teams have arrived back in the States, and are trying to catch up on rest. This brings the 2013 Summer Programs to a close. Rebuild Africa, in conjunction with The Action Faith Church, The Miraculous Power Church and The Action Faith Institute, are grateful for all of…

All of Rebuild Africa's Team 1 is now back in the States. Thank you for your prayers.

Early tomorrow morning, Team 1 will be departing back for the U.S. Please pray for their safety. They are departing at 4:30 AM EDT. The past two weeks have flown by, and it seems too soon to leave. Thank you all for your support.

Yesterday, Rebuild Africa and the Action Faith Church concluded their 5-day youth retreat. We want to thank God for powerful speakers, for the 100 participants who attended three or more days and for an engaged, anointed and impassioned group of young men and women.

Rebuild Africa would greatly appreciate prayer in the next 24 hours. Tomorrow concludes the 5-day youth retreat which has drawn steady crowds of 100. The participants have been very engaged and spiritually present. God has been working in powerful ways.

The second half of Rebuild Africa's partnership team arrived safely in Liberia this evening. They are exhausted, but ecstatic to join in God's work that is currently taking place.

The 2013 Youth Retreat began this morning. Christopher Greco started his Bible study on the Joseph story. Kate Henriksen and Anthony Greco taught on the Holy Spirit and her role in daily life and prayer. Their session was followed by a powerful time of prayer. Ballah Yengbeh gave…

Today was the second day of the 2013 Youth Writing Training. We are focusing on providing an education in writing to high school and college students. We have taught on basic grammar skills, outline writing and general writing principles. The students have been very engaged,…

Rebuild Africa Team 1 safely landed in Monrovia this morning. They are situated in their housing and excited for the upcoming schedule.

The first wave of Americans departs for Liberia this morning. Prayer is very much appreciated. They are due in Thursday morning.