Meet the Team: Kate Henriksen | Rebuild Africa

Meet the Team: Kate Henriksen

Kate Henriksen: “I'm a third year student studying speech pathology at Calvin College. I have been on a few mission trips to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, but this will be my first trip to Africa. I am so excited to connect with the people of Liberia, through teaching vocational skills, worship and just spending time together. In my short time at college, I have learned many things, from study skills to writing techniques to dating to living in community, and I hope to impart some of what I have learned in that time to those I meet during this trip. I am also expecting to learn a great deal as well, and I am thrilled to experience a new culture and make many new friends in the process. God is moving in Liberia, and I am honored that He has called me to take part in spreading the light of Christ through our work there.”